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Expression in Form, Rhythm, & Movement with
John Stevens

Lecture I gave at Type@Cooper and NY Society of Scribes. This lecture took place on November 16, 2015 at The Cooper Union as part of Type@Cooper’s Herb Lubalin Lecture Series and was recorded and archived thanks to generous sponsorship by Hoefler & Co.

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The Instagram/BBC video

Story about Calligraphy & Instagram (congrats to Seb Lester and Ian Barnard as well) and mostly thank you to my IG friends for following me for and being interested in letterforming & design.

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Honorary Documents

Why do we continue the tradition of supposedly honoring someone in this way if we are going to give them an OfficeDepot certificate or something off a laser printer. Isn’t that the same as inviting a person you respect to dinner then serving them a frozen TV dinner?


John Stevens Interview: Skilled in Letters, a blog published in the Ukraine.

 “Alex Timokhovsky…interview with John Stevens, and I’m proud that John found time to answer my questions. His works tell for themselves: John Stevens is one of the Top Masters of contemporary calligraphy.”

A recent commission from the Asian Cultural Council for 2 noted artists.
Photos showing process of creating 2 calligraphic documents for the 50th anniversary celebration. Hand done using ink, gold and acrylic paint on Arches paper.

johnstevensbook John Stevens has written and produced a book: Scribe: Artist of the Written Word.

A new book from John Stevens is now available.

264 pages showing his letter-form work across 3 decades including work done as a calligrapher, lettering artist and graphic designer. Original pieces done on paper, carved in stone, painted on walls, and designed for album covers, book jackets, magazines, the web, etc. Published by John Neal Books.

Blogpost by Lauren Capp about Cheerio Calligraphy Retreat, October 2014
“For years, I have heard whispers of a place where calligraphers go.  A retreat center in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina where the view is spectacular, the people amazingly kind, and the meals magnificent.  It has all sounded far too good to be true, but…” read more
js-slate Radio interview by Bethany Chafin on WFDD
The Modern Scribe: John Stevens and the Art of Letterforming

Weekdays at 8:35am & 5:44pm

Join 88.5 WFDD’s David Ford every weekday for interviews and insight into the Piedmont Triad’s rich artistic community.

Triad Arts Weekend brings you a full hour of arts — Fridays at 1 p.m. and Sundays at 4 p.m.

John Stevens teaching black letter Workshops | On this page is John Stevens’ teaching schedule and updates. Click here
pog Kurt Schwitters Ursonate Project: This is my Béhance page about a brush-lettering wall project I recently completed. Large, hybrid writing on wall with acrylic paint. Click here.
Letter cutting in stone for signage, memorials, quotations. This is not your average folksy wood carving, rather a refined, highly developed approach to lettering in wood & stone. The height of this approach to lettering was probably reached in Europe between the period from WWI to WWII. There are a few highly skilled practitioners here in the US, but we are seeing less and less of this type of work. We (Martin O’Brien & John ) feature it because we believe in it. Sandblasting is to fine letter carving what fast food is to gourmet dining. Check out this gallery for examples.
BUILDMUSEUMx The LetterArts Museum | Article about LetterArts idea and project and why we need this.
John Stevens Limited Edition Prints | These prints are archival, and limited. Produced in eight colors with light fast inks. Most are 13″x19″. One can even order an original, brush Roman alphabet on Arches Text paper. Click here…
StevensTitling-A4 Typeface Design: Stevens Titling is a Roman letterform written with a brush. The brushmarks are visible in varying degrees. Stevens Titling is a collaboration between John Stevens & Ryuichi Tateno of Japan.This type is unique in that instead of 4 weights, you have 4 weights of brushy-ness. Available from Linotype Corporation.
T-shirt design is a kind of side-item. JSD has designed many shirts with a mostly calligraphic theme of some kind. The majority of them can be bought at John Neal Books. But the newest “3 chords and the truth” can be purchased at The B-string Guitar Shop here in WS, NC.
My FB page. I have just started this page in August 2012. I am working out what this page needs to be, but I will be posting and updating on a regular basis. So, if you are on FB, have a look.
johnstevensalphabet What’s on the 6th floor? SFPL’s San Francisco History Center / Book Arts & Special Collections Blog ( I recently discovered this nice mention, but more importantly, everyone interested in letters should know about the collection. Susie Taylor was a very influential curator and has nurtured this collection to be one of the best.
smallbriem Briem’s Letterform Report 2012 : A wonderful collection of articles and artwork using letter forms from an international collection of artists working in a variety of media.

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